Royal Hair

I’ve long been an admirer of Duchess Catherine’s long luscious hair. Whether styled in long soft waves or perfectly coiffed in an elegant updo, her hairstyles never disappoint and are the crowning glory to her impeccable fashion. Duchess Catherine’s hair is currently styled by Amanda Cook Tucker. Amanda and her Assistant Natasha Archer see to all her beauty and fashion needs.

📸 credit @dailymail

Catherine’s glam squad are never far from the Duchess. Amanda revealed on her Instagram (which has since been taken down) all the styling tools she uses on the Duchess’s hair. Here is a flat lay photo from Amanda depicting the 13 brushes of varying sizes and shapes, numerous combs, curling wands and hair products used.

📸 credit Amanda Cook Tucker @dailymail

Amanda uses two different hairdryers, one is the Parlux Twin Turbo 2600 £73.80 and a second back up hairdryer. She uses an assortment of vented barrel and ceramic brushes from Balmain Paris and Mason & Pearson.

One item that sparked my interest is the high temperature mat she uses so that the hot hair appliances don’t damage the counters. This is a beauty item that I might look for in the future.

📸 credit Rebecca English @dailymail

It has also been reported that Duchess Catherine also uses Ketatase shampoo and conditioner, Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce shampoo and hairspray.

📸 credit @amazon @sephora

Like the Duchess I have long full hair, but I style my hair all by myself. Over the years I’ve been asked many times what products and tools I use on my own hair.

Here is a flat lay of the hair products and styling tools that I use. I love using my Baggallini hair tool travel bags, they are perfect for when your hair appliances aren’t cooled and you need to stow them in your suitcase.

I shampoo my hair with Johnson’s regular or Sulfate Free Baby Shampoo and shampoo a second time if my hair needs it. I am a fan of L’Oreal Nature’s Therapy Mega Moisture conditioner which I have used for the last 15 years. I like to leave the conditioner (with a heavier application on the ends) on for a long time before rinsing it out.

My biggest hair tip is to only use a hairdryer sparingly. I prefer to air dry my hair as much as possible. I only use L’Oreal Elnett hairspray just where I need it rather than spraying all my hair, as I prefer a soft touchable hairstyle. I sometimes use Paul Mitchell thermal protection hairspray.

📸 credit @amazon

Duchess Catherine has her very own royal Glam Squad for her hair and wardrobe but with planning and finding out what works for you, you can look glamorous all on your own. Trial and error of beauty products and tools will help you edit which products work best for you. Once you find your routine stick with it and your hair will thank you. Baby your hair, make sure to brush or comb slowly taking care with tangles. I always gently de tangle my hair before bedtime and wash my hair every other day.

Love your hair it’s unique to you and you are beautiful!

xx The Lady Nash

📸 credit Stephen Lock @I-Image

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