Duchess Days In A Social Media World

The constant drone of a social media society can seemed daunting to a royal watcher and blogger at times. Negativity and bullying can overshadow the quiet good that polite interactions on social media can instill. Is there a place for a more refined approach when interacting on various media platforms?

What are the protocols when interacting on social media? Are the old days of liking and commenting on every account that follows you relevant anymore? How I long for the types of interactions that felt more real and genuine back when I first created my Instagram account. Sadly the increased number of followers does not equate into more positive interactions.

I have to spend increasing amounts of time deleting horrid comments and blocking troll accounts. If this means fewer followers, I simply do not mind. I will not allow my accounts to be used as someone’s platform for hate in any form.

Prince William recently had harsh words regarding cyber bullying for tech giants about their apparent lack of interest in curbing this destructive behavior on their media platforms. Recently the level of vitriol on Twitter and Instagram has been so negative that I have severely reduced the amount of time I want to engage on either. I have noticed that fewer and fewer Royal followers seem to want to like or comment on my Instagram posts, which saddens me.

Is the future of social media fewer actual interactions? Is this negativity only going to get worse? I sincerely hope it is not. I fervently hope that we as royal bloggers and watchers hold ourselves to a higher standard of decorum and refinement and resist this negativity with positive comments and interactions.

Please can we practice self regulation when wanting to call out some wrongdoing? May we exercise caution when our words are only self serving and question what our true intentions are when we decide to engage in heated banter.

Remember that we are only as good as we are behaving when we think no one else is watching.

It is up to each and every single person that posts on Instagram, Twitter etc to think about the indelible mark that their words leave behind for our children and future generations. May we as the larger royal community hold ourselves to a higher standard and live up to the ideals we hold in such high esteem. Let us as royal bloggers truly act royal.

xx The Lady Nash

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  1. Good for you! I am sick and tired of the hatred spewed towards the royals in general but the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex in particular. Very few, if ANY, readers of ANY royal blogs, accounts, articles, book, know ANY of the royals personally. Opinions are based on appearance, supposed “truth” from palace gossips and hangers on, nasty relatives, misguided royal “experts” and just plain fiction. Back in the 90’s, Pss. Diana and the Duchess of York were treated horribly by the press and members of the public- see where that got us. Now, with social media, everyone is an expert and everyone has an opinion. The bots, trolls and haters need to be shut out and down. Nobody needs all that snark, hate, vitriol and plain old meanness. If you have fewer followers and “likes” so be it- your blogs will be all the better for being devoid of bitterness, jealousy, envy, lies and pure filth. Thank you for caring!


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