Future of Replikate

My closet is full to bursting and yet when I see Duchess Catherine wearing a new outfit or some new fashion item, my heart still does a pitter patter. What is this hold that Replikate items still have over me? Why am I still doing Replikate? Am I just trying to emulate or does wearing the same items somehow change me and my outlook on life? How does the addition of RepliMeghan fashion onto the royal fashion scene affect my replikating?

The longer I participate in all things Replikate, the more complex these specific questions become and the answers are becoming more and more murky all the time.

Some Replikaters focus on finding budget friendly items that emulate Replikate items, other Replikaters specialize in buying the exact same fashion items. Duchess Catherine’s expanding family has added children’s replikate fashion and some replikaters collect royal style for their little ones. Replikaters sometimes come and go, but it is the loyal few that adhere to the Duchess Catherine aesthetic for more than several years running.

Personal style changes often to reflect life changes and often the Replikate lifestyle loses its appeal for the long term. My replikate history which spans now almost 6 years has at times delved into some of these fashion modules and has also taken brief pauses.

As time has marched on I find that I’m much more selective in what I add to my replikate closet. When I make a replikate purchase I now ask myself several questions before just making a split purchase. Does this new fashion item work with lots of non Replikate items I already own or is it such a stellar item that it can only have an outing in full Replikate regalia? Will a new fashion purchase have multi year fashion appeal?

Duchess Catherine’s royal closet budget has grown so astronomically that at times her old high street fashion has certainly gained in its royal appeal. This is reflected in the rapidity with which more budget friendly high street items that Catherine wears still sell out almost instantaneously.

As with all things, Duchess Catherine’s style has adapted and evolved to equip her for her royal role both in its form and its function. My replikate closet and my replikate shopping habits have also adapted, expanded and contracted with my ever evolving own personal style.

What will my royal closet and replikating future become? Will I focus more on accessories like shoes boots and bags or will I become even more selective when purchasing new Replikate outfits in the coming years? How long will my love of replikate be sustained? Stay tuned to see my royal fashion journey!!

xx The Lady Nash

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  1. I find it helpful to ask myself where and how I’ll wear a replikate before I buy it. I try to be sensible with my purchases and only buy the items I know I’ll get a lot of use out of. For example, I’ll buy Kate’s GAP gingham shirt instead of her Self Portrait gown.


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