Distinctive Dining


Palace life for Duchess Catherine is a world of servants, decorum and elegance that we as commoners can only dream of. The level of refinement and all that she must experience every single day while in those historical palaces is something that must surely add to her sense of fulfillment in her royal life.   Having no Royal servants of our own though does not mean that we as non royals must forgo these niceties.

I collect a variety of silver, brass and interesting trays that I like to use in my own dining experience.  While I may have inherited some pieces, the rest of my collection have been sourced at antique stores or on eBay.  I like my trays to have handles, little feet and silver chase work or engraving to elevate my home dining experience.

These beautiful deep pink floral patterned dishes above are Johnson Brothers and the pattern is English Chippendale.  I grew up using them as everyday dishes for our meals when I visited my grandparents.  The lovely dishes have a special place in my heart and made such an impression on me as a young girl.  I love to collect vintage dishes such as Spode, Limoges and Royal Crown Derby to add to my choices of pretty dishes that I have to use with my tray collection.

Trays are so useful and practical at the same time.  Carrying a silver tea set or even gluten free pasta to poolside dining is a breeze and definitely elevates my simple meals.  Catherine’s Royal life is a cloistered privileged world, but distinctive dining can be just at your fingertips if you only make the effort!

xx Janelle

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  1. I love these blogs! Such great ideas to live a bit like royalty and also an important reminder to treat OURSELVES like royalty!!


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