Pretty Pippa

Pippa Matthews fashion choices have really inspired me as of late.  I’ve been a devotee of her sister Catherine for many years and I will admit that I tended to view Pippa as Catherine’s plus one.  Often in the shadow of her very public sister Catherine.


Pippa’s style is fun and a little sassy at times and I enjoy her adventurous spirit.  She doesn’t have the confines of her sister’s Royal status and it’s fun seeing what she wears and where she goes!

Pippa’s fashion choices provide more variety for the replikator looking for more affordable options.  Her pre-wedding years were filled with lots of high street fashion.  Since being married Pippa’s fashion choices have become more expensive and I’ve enjoyed seeing her fashion evolve.  Pippa’s style is definitely on my radar and I love that she is happily married and enjoying life!!

Love Janelle

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