Royal Home Life


HRH Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge leads a very glamorous life full of privilege, decorum and extensive wait staff.  Seeing her photos inspires me to create my very own touch of royal life in my own home.  One of the ways I like to feel like a royal is by using my silver tea sets, candles and some of my prettiest dishes when making a meal for myself.   Nothing is so rewarding as sitting down and having a nice cup of tea poured from a silver teapot.   This quintessentially British ritual is something I’m sure that Catherine enjoys daily in her palace life.


I have two fancy tea sets and an everyday tea set.  While I have an extensive silver collection, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune.  Some of my pieces have been purchased from eBay or antique shops but other pieces were picked up at Goodwill or thrift shops for very little money.  Polishing my silver collection takes several long days of work to keep my silver looking it’s best.


The Duchess has a full staff of servants and estate workers to do this type of work and to ensure that her homes and gardens are always perfection personified.  I am blessed to have cleaners do the heavy cleaning of my home every other week, but the daily tasks fall onto my shoulders.   My garden and home are of a far less grand scale.  I do not have the luxury of gardeners as most of the planting, pruning, watering and staking is done by me.  My husband Corbin does assist if I have a large tree or shrub to plant or move in my garden.


Palace life for Catherine must be full of beautiful flower arrangements placed throughout the stately rooms.  I imagine the scent must be heavenly!!  Another way I like to incorporate Catherine’s royal life in to my home life is by having lots of fresh flower arrangements placed throughout my home.


I regularly arrange several flower displays to place throughout my home on a weekly basis.  Whatever is available in my garden is an easy and affordable option.  Once and a while I do spring for bought flowers to arrange as a treat for myself.  For me, the time used to make these arrangements is well worth it, seeing the beautiful flowers in my home is such a mood lifter.


Fresh flowers, candles and using your best dishes and tea service everyday is a fun way to feel like royalty.  Taking the time to making your home life special, treating yourself and being in the moment is really important in our crazy lives.  Have fun and remember that how we are using our time is just as important as what we accomplish in life.  xx Janelle

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