French Charm


Always an avid antique shopper, I picked up some new lovely brocante pieces over the last several weeks to add to my home.   Decor hallmarks of antique chandeliers metal urns, wire baskets, vintage china, silver, enamel ware and a touch of gilt all favor heavily in adding that French country decor charm.  Slight signs of wear add provenance and keep it from being too stuffy.


Fresh country flowers simply arranged lend the all important garden element to the home space.  Vintage silver and beautiful hemstitched linens are always appropriate and incorporating these lovely pieces reminds us to sit down to have a simple meal or a quiet cup of tea.  Slight restraint when adding French brocante to your exhisting decor helps it to not overwhelm your home.  Have fun and loosen up a little adding French country charm to your home environment!

xx Janelle

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