Issa London Love It Or Leave It?


Long before she was a Duchess, Kate Middleton had a long affinity for the fashion label, Issa London.  While dating the most eligible bachelor Prince William, Kate’s go to label was Issa.  Throughout their decade long courtship, Kate and the Prince where photographed countless times hitting all the London Hotspots.  So many paparazzi photos of them popping in and out of clubs and hip restaurants showed the beautiful young Kate wearing the figure concious Issa dresses.


Every color of the rainbow was worn and as the media storm ignited, Kate and Issa seemed a match made in heaven.  She wore day dresses, trench coats, evening gowns and a even few dresses that showed Kate’s flirty sexy side too.


During this time there were reports that Kate and her sister Pippa may have been given dresses to wear.   We may never know the full extent of this fashion partnership, but one thing is certain is that Kate continued to wear the label as her relationship with Prince William became more serious.


While the media scrutiny intensified whether Prince William would propose, Kate started attending more society engagements as his date.  At last their engagement was announced and with the world watching Kate wore the now iconic blue Issa dress for her debut.  In the days leading up the Royal Wedding extravaganza, Kate wore two more Isaa dresses.

After the wedding that the entire world watched, the newly married Duchess now styled Catherine instead of Kate prepared for her first tour abroad.  The Canada Tour was eagerly watched by her loyal followers hungry for her fashion choices.


Catherine delighted her fans by wearing a stunning purple dress and re-wearing a black bird printed dress by Issa.  It seemed that the fashion pairing was going from strength to strength, but all was not to be.  Catherine then stopped wearing the label and we can only guess what really transpired.


While Catherine’s Issa wearing days are long past, I will always enjoy continuing to wear my Issa replikates!  I love this black dress that Catherine wore shopping shortly before getting married.  I love the the Grecian inspired pleating and flattering design.  I’m also wearing a newer Replikate, Prada heels that Catherine has recently worn and carrying a favorite Mulberry bag that she also owns.


This second Issa dress is very special to me because Catherine wore it while dating Prince William, right before her wedding and also on her first tour to Canada.  Catherine wore the dress paired with her BCBG ruffle front jacket in cream.  I love this little light jacket so much I also bought it in black.

imageThis last look is an Issa inspired Replikate.  I’ve had this BCBG purple dress for a while and I still feel it strongly resembles Catherine’s Issa London dress.  I like to wear it with my LK Bennett London black Sledge heels.

Janelle xox

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