Kiki McDonough Jewelry, A Royal Staple


Catherine recently debuted a new pair of blue topaz Kiki McDonough earrings.  They are stunning and they join a large selection of Kiki earrings that she has previously worn.  Yellow citrine, green and purple amethyst, pink morganite and a rainbow of colors have all been worn to compliment her varied and beautiful outfits.  This latest addition has me dreaming and reflecting about her Kiki jewelry collection.

I live in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona USA, and I have had the great privilege of traveling to London for vacation on three separate occasions.  The jewel of these special trips is always visiting the Kiki McDonough store off Sloane Square in Chelsea.  Everything about the store from the perfect entrance where you ring an intercom to enter, to the tastefully appointed interior and courteous staff made me feel like a royal!


What an experience to peruse all the gorgeous jewelry knowing that Catherine also enjoys wearing these classic timeless designs.  So many gemstones, settings and collections to choose from that will add that Royal touch to your life.  The jewelry is so tasteful that you can wear it daily, or for any special occasion.


I own two pairs of Kiki earrings and I love them so much.  White topaz cushion drops and hoops in white gold and diamonds, and green amethyst oval drops with diamonds and hoops with diamonds in yellow gold.  I also use these yellow gold diamond hoops with my Anouschka Pearl drops just like Catherine.  Each and everytime I open the pale blue satin boxes to wear them I feel that Royal Glow.

The craftmanship is impeccable and the jewels are perfection.  These earrings accent many of my outfits perfectly whether it’s a day look or a special event.  The Duchess’s latest addition blue topaz showstoppers have me dreaming of adding to my Kiki Collection!!

Janelle Nash

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