Pakistan Tour Forecast & India/Bhutan Memories…

William and Catherine will soon be embarking on their Pakistan Tour. I always look forward to royal tours because Catherine often wears region sympathetic fashion and branches out of her typical royal engagement fashion.

Let’s take a look at some of the Fashion highlights from the India/Bhutan Tour.

Catherine wore bolder more saturated colors and I felt she really suited the brighter color palette.

Patterns and visual textures were prevalent in her outfit choices and I loved her casual as well as more formal looks!

The India/Bhutan Tour was a tour de force both in its length and the amazing fashion Catherine chose to wear and the variety of her outfits.

I’m so looking forward to the Pakistan Tour and if the recent preview is any indication, then her fashion will be perhaps more mature and elegant in its approach.

So much fashion to look forward to royal watchers!


The Lady Nash 💕

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